The REFLECT Advisory Board recently met for its first meeting at the geothermal site of Pfalzwerke Geofuture GmbH in Insheim (Germany) on 4 March 2020.

The Advisory Board mainly comprises operators of geothermal sites across Europe as well as one operator from oversees (Bouillante-Guadeloupe, France).

The aim of the meeting was to introduce the project to the Advisory Board members and present the geothermal sites considered for sampling and further investigations. The participants of the meeting discussed the most relevant research topics and problems occurring at the different sites. At this occasion, several operators expressed their interest in determining the bubbling point for CO2 at their site. Discussions also proved that lead deposits represent a challenge for operators due to the high cleaning and disposal costs.

It is foreseen that several sampling campaigns will be performed during the project life-time at the 13 sites, in order to collect samples of high temperature fluids and high-salinity types.

The map of the REFLECT sampling sites