On June 29th , a REFLECT team of geochemists and microbiologists from Hydroisotop (HI) and the University of Neuchâtel (UniNe), visited the geothermal site in Bad Blumau (Austria). The polyvalent power plant produces water with 1,555,200 l/day at 104°C as well as CO2 at 0.5 tons/h. Heat is used for electricity production and CO2 is used by various industries. Moreover, the power plant supplies water for the thermal bath in the beautiful Rogner Bad Blumau Hotel & Spa.

REFLECT aims to fully understand fluid reactions considering physical, chemical, and microbial properties. Samples were taken for analysis of organic (GFZ) and inorganic composition (HI), as well as for microbial analysis (UniNe) before and after the heat exchanger. Samples from a middle point between the production and injection wells were also taken, along with corrosion samples.

All the data collected during the project life will be implemented in a European geothermal fluid atlas and in predictive models allowing to provide recommendations on how to best operate geothermal systems for sustainable use.